What is the Abbreviation for Alberta Health Services?

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Are you looking for the shorthand of Alberta Health Services? Well, this page will inform you of the abbreviation for Alberta Health Services. Also, on this page, we are going to share some information related to Alberta Health Services.

The Abbreviation for Alberta Health Services

the Abbreviation for Alberta Health ServicesYou may often hear the term Alberta Health Services. So, what is the Abbreviation for Alberta Health Services? For your information, the Abbreviation for Alberta Health Services is AHS. Alberta Health Services (AHS) is Canada’s biggest health care delivery organization and Alberta’s biggest employer with 102,000 employees. 90% are unionized staff from five different unions. We get information that more than 8,600 physicians across a range of specialities work in Alberta Health Services (AHS). While most physicians are paid by the Alberta government, Alberta Health Services (AHS) does have a considerable operating budget for physician services. Alberta Health Services (AHS) operates over 800 facilities including the clinics, the hospitals, the care facilities, the mental health facilities, and the community health sites.

Overview – Alberta Health Services

According to Ernst and Young, Alberta has the largest integrated provincial health care system in Canada. Alberta Health Services (AHS) has 10,000 physicians and 125,000 staff. Ernst and Young said that Alberta Health Services (AHS) was one of the top employers in Canada. Alberta Health Services (AHS) foundations reach $250 million annually. The Alberta Health Services (AHS) 2020 annual report, the workforces of AHS includes over 108,600 Albertans. Apart from that, there are also over 35,000 Albertans who support the delivery of healthcare services in Alberta Health Services (AHS) like the midwives, the volunteers, the physicians, and the subsidiary staff. At this time, Alberta Health Services (AHS) serves 4.4 million people who reside in Alberta. In their annual report in 2020, Alberta Health Services (AHS) is one of the entities within the Ministry of Health, giving a range of health care on behalf of the government that suit with the mandate set by the government.

Costs of Care – Alberta Health Services

Based on the research, Alberta Health Services (AHS) spends 70% of its annual budget on employee compensation. Its annual budget includes the contracted health service providers and other contracted services. Actually, the Hospital care costs more in Alberta than other provinces. However, it is not because they pay executives more or have more managers than other health systems. The Alberta Health Services (AHS) performance report discovered that Alberta’s clinicians and health professionals are paid more and also have premium pay incentives that increase their costs of care.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) Review Recommendations

The Alberta Health Services (AHS) performance review report made some recommendations related to workforce, management review and physician optimization.


  • Work with government and unions to delete or revise collective agreement provisions which impede sustainability without giving any patient benefit.
  • Review the workplace policies and processes to strengthen controls if needed to reach incremental benefits.
  • Extend the usage of the Provincial Staffing Services. Also, consider a strategy of technology to allow automation and time keeping.
  • Optimize staffing levels and skill across the organization in nursing and clinical support services via the use of evidence-based approaches like acuity-based staffing.


  • There may be chances to reduce the number of managers in several areas. Alberta Health Services (AHS) has to review positions identified as having little direct reports than their peers in other organizations with the objective of identifying chances to consolidate portfolios and reduce management levels.
  • Review the way Alberta Health Services (AHS) classifies positions and make sure it applies an accurate and standardized approach moving forward.
  • Try to optimize the use of administrative support by the leaders.

Physician optimization

  • Stop paying the clinical stipends for services covered by the Schedule of Medical Benefits (SOMB)
  • In aligning with Health physician compensation negotiations and budget management, the Alberta Health Services (AHS) has to issue radiology compensation and some contracts.
  • Develop a framework for paying physician interpretation fees by aligning the payments to 50 percent of the Schedule of Medical Benefits (SOMB) rate as proposed by Alberta Health Services (AHS).
  • Develop and implement a framework for recovering physician overhead costs.
  • Review the deputy-level medical leadership positions, other positions not needed by the medical staff bylaws and positions with less than 0.1 FTE of effort.
  • Alberta Health Services (AHS) and Alberta Health have to work with government and academic institutions with the aim of eliminating or reducing increases in academic salaries.

Facilities and Services – Alberta Health Services

In this page, we are going to talk about the facilities and services of Alberta Health Services (AHS). Based on the research, in 2010, Alberta Health Services (AHS) was running a lot of facilities and services. Those facilities and services included Cancer care for the detection, treatment, prevention, education, care of cancer patients, and to facilitate research of cancer disease. Continuing care for the treatment of the patients with complex health that need 24-hour on-site services from registered nurses, emergency for immediate care of the patients with all kinds of conditions, hospitals for medical, surgical, or psychiatric care of the sick and injured. Also, there were several laboratories for the processing of medical samples and tests, mental health and the addictions services for treatment and care of the patients diagnosed with mental health or addiction problems and emergency medical services.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) is responsible for ambulance operations in the province. Many health facilities and services include home care, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, hemodialysis and others. Also, include the Public Health Centres that provide services like postpartum, prenatal, health promotion or disease and injury prevention, bereavement services, communicable disease, and school health. Apart from that, they also marked affordable housing for seniors at facilities.

The urgent care services such as treating the patients with unexpected but not life-threatening problems requiring same day treatment. Also, Alberta Health Services (AHS) operates X-ray and imaging clinics for procedures like MRIs, X-rays and other types of the scans.

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