The Pass Rate for the NBCOT

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Do you want to pass the NBCOT exam? If so, you need a lot of information about it including about the pass rate for NBCOT. Here, you are able to read about the pass rate for the NBCOT and also some other things related to the NBCOT exam.

The Pass Rate for The NBCOT

As explained on the My OT SPOT site which is based on NBCOT’s information page, 71% of test takers passed the NBCOT in 2018. It dropped from 74% in 2016 and 72% in 2017. There is no valid information why there is a drop in pass rates. However, there is anecdotal information from a lot of students and new graduates as explained on My OT SPOT site that unofficial NBCOT study videos on Youtube become very popular. And there are a lot of test takers who are only using these Youtube videos for studying. If you also think the same for being able to pass the exam, you have to make sure that you watch unofficial NBCOT study videos on Youtube only for additional resources. You must have at least one professionally-made resource to use because if you just rely on Youtube videos, they do not cover everything if you compare with a legitimate resource.

The Pass Rate for the NBCOT
If you want to check the NBCOT pass rates for the Occupational Therapy BS/MS Program at York College or other colleges, it can be done by accessing Here, you can check program results from the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT).

FAQs About the NBCOT Certification Examinations

According to the site of NBCOT, here are some FAQs related to the NBCOT certification examinations.

  • How are the NBCOT certification exams constructed?
    OTR and COTA certification examinations are created utilizing a combination of scored items and non-scored items. Items for every examination are chosen from the respective item banks in proportions consistent with the OTR and COTA exam content outlines. Items which are chosen as scored items for each examination need to be field-tested on a sufficiently large sample of candidates and have acceptable item-level psychometric statistics. The exams which are newly constructed run into a rigorous review and validation process with a committee of subject matter experts. It is done to guarantee the examinations have content reflective of current entry-level occupational therapy practice.
  • How are the COTA exams formatted?
    In the COTA exam, there are single-response multiple-choice items and six-option multi-selectitems. In the single-response multi-choice items, there is a stem and three or four possible response options. Of the response options presented, there is only one answer which is correct. If the candidates choose the correct response option, they receive credit. It is important for you to note that points are not decreased if you choose incorrect response options. In the six-option multi-select items, there is a question stem which is followed by six possible response options. Of the options which are given, there are three correct responses and the other three are incorrect responses. As the candidate, you need to choose three responses options. You will get credit if you choose the correct response options and your points will not be deducted if you choose incorrect response options.
  • How about the OTR exams format?
    In the OTR exam, there are three clinical simulation test (CST) items as well as single-response, multi-choice items. In the CST item, there are three main components including opening scene, section headers, and response options and feedback. In the opening scene, the content is background information about a practice-based situation that sets the scene for the CST item. Section headers follow the opening scene. Each CST item has four parts that each start with a section header. In the section header, there is information specific to the OT process addressed in the section. Here, you are asked a specific question based on this information. In the response options and feedback, there is a list of potential options the OTR may consider in response to the question posed in the section header. In the list of the options in the CST item, it consists of positive and negative options. You are required to choose Yes or No for each option before you go to the next part of the CST item.
  • How are the NBCOT certification examinations scored?
    NBCOT certification refers to criteria. It means that a candidate needs to get a score that is the same or bigger than the minimum passing score so that the candidate can pass the examination. Overall performance is reported on a standardized scale which ranges from 300 to 600. If you want to pass the OTR or COTA certification examination, you need a total scaled score of at least 450. The passing standard is based on the performance of the candidate across the entire exam.

Some Tips for Passing the NBCOT Exam

According to the Pocket OT site, here are some tips for passing the NBCOT exam.

  • You have to understand test anxiety. You have to believe in yourself and believe in the work that you did. Before the day of the exam, you need to get into a routine of saying positive affirmations to yourself when you go through practice exams.
  • There will be a lot of material, so you have to prepare. In the NBCOT exam, there are a lot of materials so that the amount of topics that students need to learn can often feel overwhelming. So, it makes some students think that it is impossible to pass the exam. The thing that you have to do is to break down the content to make it seem feasible. You have to create reasonable short and long-term goals and make a study schedule. By doing this, you will realize that the content is actually able to be managed. In addition, doing a lot of practice questions is also important.
  • Make sure that you don’t overthink. When you are in the exam, you can read the question and then soon ask yourself what it is asking. When you choose the answer, you have to make sure that it relates to what you just thought to yourself.

According to the Pass The OT site, here are some biggest mistakes that students make when studying for the NBCOT exam.

  • They do not create a study schedule.
  • They have too many resources and they do not use the right resources.
  • They do not study according to their learning style.
  • They over-analyze the questions and change answers.
  • They are distracted while studying.
  • They let test anxiety and past failures lower their confidence.
  • and some more.

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