Master of Education (MEd) in Early Childhood Education in Pittsburgh

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University of Pittsburgh offers the Master of Education in Early Childhood Education program. This program is designed to provide the candidates to support the education of your children from infants to 8 years old with a strong academic and practical background.

The varied settings of early childhood education include  school, homes, community agencies and other settings. If you are interested in early childhood education and have a plan to attend this program at University of Pittsburgh, we think you should find out more information about this program through our post below!


Master of Education (MEd) The Master of Education (M.Ed) in Early Childhood Education program at University of Pittsburgh actually focuses on the developing relationships between young children with their families in some places including public schools and centers, homes and other facilities.

Pitt’s program provides a range of coursework that encompass the needs of babies, toddlers, preschoolers and children in the primary grades. The students who attend this program will be able to develop competence in the use of proper practices in diverse settings and contexts through coursework, practical learning experiences and field placements.

Admissions Requirements

University of Pittsburgh currently provides more than 90 degree and certificate programs across the School of Education. If you enroll at University of Pittsburgh, you will join a world-class institution. This institution is really committed deeply in transforming educational systems through justice and greater equity in education.

It is known that the University of Pittsburgh ranks the top of their field and welcomes the chance to work with you closely to pursue your degree. Sure, if you want to enroll in Pitt’s early childhood educational program, you have to meet admission requirements to be considered for this master’s program.

Your admissions material to enroll in Pitt’s early childhood education program has to include some basic elements. Here are some admissions that you should meet to attend Master of Education in Early Childhood Education program at University of Pittsburgh:

Online Application

If you take an online application, your application should be submitted through this Online Application Form that you can get here.

There will be a non-refundable application fee of $50 to be paid by credit card.

Your online application has to include a Goal statement, your CV or resume and contact information for three academic or professional contacts to later be invited to provide the letters of recommendations.

Make sure to provide your goal statement.

If you are confused on how to make your goal statement, at least you should share your reasons why you want to pursue your a degree at the University of Pittsburgh. You can also try to explain your academic program to help you achieve your goal.

Aside from that, you can also provide any aspects of your skills, experience and also background that may help the admission committee to consider your application. The statement must be a maximum of 750 words.

Need-Based Application Fee Waiver

You may be eligible for a need-based application fee waiver, because of: your pell eligibility within the last three years; your recent participation in state, federal or also local programs that will help you from low-income families; your qualification for public assistance. If not, you can demonstrate your  financial hardship including emergency expenses or unexpected medical bills.

If you believe that you’re eligible for a need-based fee waiver, you can submit your request here.

Transcript Submission

You can request the official transcripts from all United States Institutions that are attended to be sent to GRADCAS. If your previous college cannot send transcripts electronically, you can contact an Admissions & Recruitment Manager at 412-648-2230 or


If you want to attend the Master of Education (M.Ed) in Early Childhood Education program at University of Pittsburgh, you may need to know how much you have to spend money. Here’s the tuition for detail:

Academic Year 2021-2022 Graduate Tuition Rates

Residency Part-Time Per Credit Full-Time Per Term Full-Time Per Academic Year
PA Resident $970 $12,059 $24,118
Non-PA Resident $1,670 $20,447 $40,894

Academic Year 2021-22 Undergraduate Tuition Rates

Residency Part-Time Per Credit Full-Time Per Term Full-Time Per Academic Year
PA Resident $795 $9,546 $19,092
Non-PA Resident $1,421 $17,062 $34,124


For the curriculum of Master of Education (M.Ed) in Early Childhood Education program at University of Pittsburgh requires the students about 30 credits. At the end of this program,  the students have to pass the comprehensive exam requirements to gain the M.Ed degree.

The students also have the option to perform a professional portfolio and related presentation or also to complete a take home exam in fulfillment of this requirement.

Here’s a list of curriculum that you should complete when attending in Master of Education (M.Ed) in Early Childhood Education program that we obtained from the official site of University of Pittsburgh here:

Basic Areas of Education

  • TLL 2290 – Research Seminar For Med Students Or
  • TLL 2690 – Research Seminar Online
  • EDUC 2201 – Introduction To Research Methodology Or
  • TLL 2405 – Introduction To Action Research Methods

Methods Courses

For this curriculum, you can choose three of these courses over the entirety of the program.

  • TLL 2042 – Language and Literature For The Young Child
  • TLL 2270 – Integrated Art & Music In Elementary School
  • TLL 2433 – Math Methods For Prek-4 Students
  • TLL 2434 – Science Methods For Prek-Grade 4 Students
  • TLL 2905 – Teaching Infants, Toddlers And Preschoolers
  • TLL 2208 – Reading/Writing Methods 1: Pre K – Grade 1
  • TLL 2209 – Reading Writing Methods 2: Grade 2-4
  • TLL 2268 – Social Studies Methods Pre-K – 4
  • TLL 2047 – Integrated Curriculum Pre-K-4
  • TLL 2563 – Sem: Inclusion Early Childhood
  • Other Elective Approved by Advisor – 3 credits

Major Field Studies

  • TLL 2041 – Intro To Early Childhood Ed
  • EDUC 2000 – Psychology Of Learning And Development For Education
  • EDUC 2007 – Human Learning
  • TLL 2906 – Community Resources Seminar: Young Children And Families
  • Advanced Course in Family Studies or Approved Elective – 3 credits
  • Practicum or Approved Elective – 3 credits

Special Education

You need to choose one of the following for the  Special education, here are they:

  • TLL 2500 – Foundations of Special Education
  • TLL 2501 – Student W/Disable in Elem.  Classroom
  • TLL 2523 – Literacy Assessment & Instruction For Children With Disabilities in Inclusive Settings in Elem. Classrooms
  • TLL 2505 – Autism: Characteristics and Interventions

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