List of Jobs Can You Get with a Medical Billing and Coding Degree

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There are a lot of different job titles for the medical billing and medical coding degree. They are different based on the job responsibilities of the certain position. While some of them may have the same general job duties, they are different titles according to the employer or the location. Some of the following jobs for medical billing and coding below may require additional education and or work experience.

 1. Billing Analyst

The main job of a Billing Analyst is to make sure that a patient receives the right amount on their bill. Aside from that, they are also like a customer support who keep in touch with the customers directly by providing the answers and helping them with their concerns. The Billing Analysts are the ones who should review invoices and correct them if there are any mistakes. When doing their job, they might contact the other departments or an insurance company. Besides, they are also the ones who evaluate the existing billing procedures and software and give feedback to management so that they can be improved.

2. Medical Biller

List of Jobs Can You Get with a Medical Billing and Coding Degree
A Medical Biller refers to the one who submits a coded transcript that has a summary of a visit of the patient to the insurance company to file a claim. Medical Billers usually team up with the Medical Coders who are in charge of creating the medical coding for them to translate using a certain software so that it is able to be sent to the insurance company to be reviewed by them. Medical Billers are like the bridges that connects the patients with the insurance companies and the health care providers. With that being said, it can be concluded that they know a lot of things about the insurance and health care. Some of their jobs include reviewing the bills of the patient, setting up payment plans and appealing dismissed claims.

3. Clinical Informaticists

A Clinical Informaticist refers to a professional who uses the likes of data entry software, visual image storage systems and the other information technologies to help doctors provide the best treatment for patients. They are in charge to train the staff on how to use the specialized software and systems. They are also known as the IT specialists. The job of the clinical informaticists include troubleshooting, installing and integrating the new systems across different departments in order to help increasing their functionalities. Not only that, they are also the ones that improve the workflow by accessing the software and systems that already exist and adjusting them.

4. Medical Collector

Medical Collectors are the ones who collet the overdue payments from the patients for their medical services, including the routine visits, surgeries, hospitalizations and overnight stays, and some other forms of treatment. They are pretty flexible as they can work directly from a medical facility as in house collectors or for collection agencies. They are the ones who are in charge of contacting the patients and giving some alternative methods of payments to those who are having a hard time to pay right away.

5. Medical Records Coordinator

Medical Records Coordinators are considered as the senior level medical professionals. They are the ones with the job to manage and maintain confidential patient records. During their working time, they team up with some parties, including doctors, nurses, as well as the other medical staff members. Their main job is to make sure that they are accurately recording, organizing, and maintaining secure data. Apart from that, they also have to maintain the specialty software that are used to manage the medical data and information of the patient. Plus, they are the ones who should give the records of the patients to doctors and nurses while at the same time protecting any confidential information on the records.

6. Medical Coding Specialist

A Medical Coding Specialist is a person with the main job of making medical coding that has a summary of a visit of a patient so that it can be submitted by a Medical Biller to the insurance company to make a claim. These codes are used by them to record information, including the symptoms and diagnosis or the patient, prescribed medications, therapies, surgeries, and some other important treatments. These kinds of people team up with the likes of doctors, Medical Assistants, and Medical Billers to make sure that everything is well to avoid mistakes.

7. Medical Records Technician or Medical Records Tech

A Medical Records Technician or Medical Records Tech is in charge of ensuring that the medical records of the patient are accurate so that they can be used by a Medical Coder to make coding used for insurance claims. Their jobs include tracking and updating the medical history, past claims, treatments, and the other confidential information of the patient so both the patient and the health care providers can get the right reimbursement they deserve from the insurance companies. Not only that, their jobs may also include transcribing these records into code based on acceptable coding guidelines and policies.

8. Coding Educator

A Coding Educator is the one who teaches about the method to code to the students. Their jobs include making curriculum, preparing lesson to be shown in the classroom, attending coding and reimbursement meetings, and so on.

10. Coding Auditor

The main job of a Coding Auditor is to oversee coding operations in order to verify that the information is well transcribed, making sure that all medical bills that are received by the patient are accurate.

11. Lawyer

In the medical law industry, a lawyer is the one who acts as a support for patients or clients who need help navigating billing fraud cases. For instance, they will be hired by a client who is in case where a specific medical code is purposely entered incorrectly to add or get rid of a service or treatment for the visit summary of the client. The lawyers will review the medical documents, files and bills that have something to do with a medical lawsuit.

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