List of Free Medical Billing Software for Small Business

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You may need free medical billing software for a small business. Well, you come to the right site and read the right article because here I have some information about the list of free medical billing software that you may use. However, it is important for you to note that some of the medical billing software below may only be free for trial.

Therapy Notes

As explained on G2 site, Therapy Notes is the most trusted online practice management and EHR software which can be used for behavioral health practices of all sizes. There are more than 60,000 users who use this software and it is considered as the biggest platform for mental health professionals where it offers the most intuitive software and best customer support in the industry. Some features such as notes, billing, a custom client portal and streamlined scheduling and also unlimited support and superior security will be able to help you optimize how you manage your practice. As a result, it permits you to focus less on administrative tasks and you can focus more on the needs of your clients.

Therapy Notes Medical Billing Software

Here are what TherapyNotes offers for you:

  • They offer streamlined scheduling and a to-do list which is personal so that it can automatically generates tasks based on past activity.
  • They offer powerful form-based notes where it is designed specifically for behavioral health.
  • They offer electronic insurance claims, credit card processing and ERA payment posting.
  • They offer HIPAA compliance where it can keep your data encrypted, secured and backed up regularly.

According to the G2 site, it is free for the first month.


Halaxy HealthKit Notes Medical Billing Software

Previously, Halaxy is known as HealthKit. This is a free medical practice management software where you are able to use its features including billing, record keeping, appointment bookings and more. You are able to use this software in clinics and other medical facilities by health practitioners. The standard features of this software are free.

To use this software is easy because after you have signed up, you are able to use the online platform for bookings, billing, record keeping and more. Now, the important thing that you may want to know is that whether this software is secure or not. Well, this software ensures that they have bank-grade security and 256-bit encryption in place. All information will be encrypted and saved in securely protected data centers so that you do not have to be worried about the security of this software.

If you want to contact Halaxy customer support, you can call 1 (800) 984-334 or you can send an email to

iSALUS Billing and Scheduling

iSALUS Billing and Scheduling - Medical Billing Software

iSALUS Billing and Scheduling services is a billing and scheduling software where it has a clearinghouse service which is integrated and it permits you to get your claims paid. In the software, you are also able to submit e-claims, post ERA payments, verify patient insurance eligibility and more.

This software is free if you only use EHR and scheduling. However, if you want to use the standard EHR and Billing, the cost is $99 per provider per month. For premium EHR and Billing, the cost is $329 per provider per month. And, if you want to use outsourced billing, the cost is 4 to 10% of net collections.

For your information, iSalus will invoices customers the first week of each month. A prorated amount due from the previous month will be included in your first invoice and also the amount due in advance for the current month. It is also important for you to know that iSalus bills for provider licenses in advance so that you will pay your monthly per provider licenses costs in advance each month. If you use the Standard Package, iSalus will invoice you for claims entered in the system  the month subsequent to the month during which you entered the claims. The meaning is that you will pay for claims usage the month claims are inserted.

Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion Medical Billing Software

This software is the #1 cloud-based ambulatory EHR platform in the US and it supports more than 20,000 medical practices to deliver better care to more than 5 million patients a month. This software can deliver intuitive and easy to use health IT solutions to independent medical practices. You are able to access most any device. With this software, you are able to use the intuitive charting, integrated policy support, seamless e-prescribing, hundreds of lab and imaging connections. This software can be tried for free. After the trial ends, then you have to pay for the software where the price starts at $99.00 per feature per month. However, as explained on Capterra, it does not only have a free trial, but also it has a free version.

Here are some features that you are able to enjoy in Practice Fusion: Appointment Scheduling, Claims Management, Compliance Tracking, E-Prescribing, HIPAA Compliant, Multi-Location, Patient Intake, Patient Portal, Patient Records Management, Patient Scheduling and Self Service Portal.


OpenEMR Medical Billing Software

This is an open source electronic health records and medical practice management solution. Some features that you are able to use are patient scheduling, medical billing and patient demographics. This software is free for download on the website. How to download the OpenEMR software? According to The SMB Guide site, here are the steps for downloading OpenEMR.

  • First, you have to go to Sourceforge.
  • Then, you have to download OpenEMR.
  • Then, you have to extract the downloaded archive.
  • Here, you have to change the directory name to ‘openemr’.
  • Then, you have to move this directory to your webserver root directory.

You may wonder whether OpenEMR is HIPPA compliant. You do not have to be worried because OpenEMR is HIPPA compliant.


Solismed Medical Billing Software

This is electronic medical record software which is created for multi-specialty practices and free clinics. This software is free and there are a number of features including a modern scheduler, patient registration tracking, and detailed reporting. With this software, you are able to manage utilities, bills, and stock. If you want to access the free software, you are able to access and then you have to click on the Start Using Solismed which can be found in the main homepage banner.

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