How Many People Pass the NBCOT Exam on the First Try?

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You probably will take the NBCOT exam and you wonder whether you can pass the exam or not. So, you wonder about the amount of people who can pass the NBCOT exam on the first try since this is your first try to take the exam.

The Amount of People Pass the NBCOT Exam on the First Try

Pass the NBCOT ExamAccording to the NCBI site, in a journal entitled Predicting Student Success on the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy Examination, most students (n= 268; 85.1%) passed the NBCOT exam on the first attempt. Key differences for people who passed were seen among a lot of of the admission and program characteristics, including overall college GPA (p = .0017), ACT or SAT scores (p = .0001), all OTKE scores (p < .0001) and the first Level II fieldwork scores (OTH 540; p = .04).

Tips to be Successful in NBCOT OTR Exam Success

According to the Edumed site, here are a number of strategies for NBCOT OTR exam success.

  • You have to take a simulated practice exam. If you take this simulated practice exam, it can help you to know and prepare for any eventualities and get comfortable with the timed nature of the test. You are able to find some different timed and untimed practice tests online for free and for a fee. You can take a practice test after you complete studying for each exam subject area so that you will be helped to seal that knowledge in, while taking a full, timed practice test at the end of each week can help you to know what you know well and what still needs some work. To simulate testing day, you have to make sure that you follow all check-in protocols, leave the clock running during any breaks and take the exam in a room which has no distractions.
  • You have to use practice question banks. In the practice exams, you will be provided with a good benchmark for seeing how your preparation work is progressing. However, everyday studying is best given by going through question banks. There are some test prep companies which provide these like the American Occupational Therapy Association. When you try your test prep for the first time, you have to try questions from each section of the exam so that it will help you establish a baseline and find out which areas need the most work. Then, you are able to make a study schedule that can provide enough time for your weakest area. By doing practice question banks, you will be helped to develop a wider understanding of the types of questions to expect on the actual exam.
  • You are able to join the NBCOT Facebook support group. There is the NBCOT Exam Prep Info Center which is provided by the American Occupational Therapy Association on Facebook. It has more than 33,000 members and here you are able to share your tips for studying and acing the exam, get tips and insider tricks from people who have taken the test and also ask questions along the way. In this group, there are a lot of posts each day and they offer the support that you need to feel confident and prepared when testing day comes. In addition, in the group, there is also a Files section for various study schedules, guides and other helpful materials which are able to be easily accessed.
  • You are able to meet OT Miri. In the OT Miri, there is a comprehensive and regularly updated occupational therapy community and resource center for students, occupational therapists/ occupational therapy assistants and test takers. In Miri, you are able to find videos, test-taking strategies, study notes and stories from other people about how they could pass the exam. After the test is taken by you and you pass it, then you are also permitted to access guides to get your first OT job, thriving after you graduate and keeping up with continuing education. Miri works to make the content free and accessible for all users. Besides, Miri also provides an inspirational story about missing the minimum score cutoff to pass the test easily.
  • You have to plan for the questions you cannot answer. There are probably some questions that you cannot answer because you do not know the answer, despite all your hard work and dedication to preparing for the NBCOT exam. If you plan ahead for this situation, it can be the best strategy for success and it is able to help you avoid wasting precious time which could go to questions you feel more confident about. When you are studying, you have to note which section that you feel you understand the least. It is better if you try to prioritize that area in the weeks leading up to the test. However, it is also important for you to know your limitations. When you find questions that you know that you are not able to answer, you have to do your best to vanish the wrong answers and then you have to make an educated guess. Then, you have to move on and focus on the future rather than the past.
  • You have to give yourself enough time for studying. If you want to prepare for the NBCOT OTR exam adequately, you must have at least 8 to 10 weeks of study time. If you want to study in a couple weeks, you can do that. However, examinees usually do far better on the test if they give themselves enough time to learn the material and develop sound strategies rather than trying to memorize. So, you can start studying early so that you will not feel stressed leading up to it.
  • You can make a schedule and stick to it. If you create a study schedule, it can be the key to success. You are able to give yourself six months to study for the test. However, no problem if you don’t actually sit down to review material consistently. At the beginning of this process, you can take time to develop a comprehensive schedule based on the amount of weeks that you have before the test, different sections of the exam and the amount of time that you are able to devote to studying each day. Posting your schedule in a prominent location can be a good idea and then check off each study session after you do it. By doing it, it will remind you what is left to cover and help you stay motivated.

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