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You may be interested in joining the Aetna insurance, but before you enroll, you may want to know how good the Aetna insurance is. If you want to know how good the insurance is, it seems that you need to read the reviews about this company from other sources or other users. And here, we have a review about this company from other sources.

The Aetna Insurance as One of the Largest Health Insurance Companies of 2022

According to the ValuePenguin website, Aetna Insurance is one of the largest health insurance companies of 2022. That site puts Aetna Insurance at 3 positions. Meanwhile, in the first position is UnitedHealth Group and in the second position is Anthem. On the ValuePenguin site, it is explained that Aetna is the third-largest provider of health insurance and services, by membership.

The Good Things from Aetna Insurance

According to the BestCompany site, here are the good things from Aetna Insurance.

  • Company Ratings
    In Best Company, Aetna has a slightly lower overall score if it is compared to other health insurers. However, Aetna has a high star-rating for the health insurance industry. The star ratings on Best Company are given from people who give reviews on the Best Company site. So, from the star rating, it shows that there are a lot of Aetna members who are satisfied with the Aetna plan and service that they get. So, on the Best Company site, this company is in the top ten health insurers .
  • Positive Reviews About Aetna Insurance
    Most Aetna reviews on Best Company site are positive. People give praise to Aetna’s helpful and responsive customer service and satisfaction with provider networks. Also, they mention that Aetna has the coverage for needed health care. About the cost, the reviewers have mixed responses. Some people thought that the price was great, but some others thought that it was a little high.
  • Variety of Health Plan
    A wide variety of plans are offered by Aetna. There are some plans which are only available through employers. However, others are available for individuals who qualify for Medicare or Medicaid. In the list below, you can read the main types of health plans that it offers.
    • Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
    • Medicaid
    • Medicare (Medicare Advantage and prescription drug coverage)
    • Medigap (Medicare supplement insurance)
    • International health plans
  • Additional Insurance Options
    Aetna offers one dental plan to individuals and families and if you choose Aetna Dental Direct plan, it can fully cover preventive treatment. Aetna also offers a dental discount card so that you are able to get a discount between 15% and 50% at participating dental clinics. The fee of this card begins at $7.99. If you buy Aetna Dental Direct, you are able to add Aetna Vision Preferred plan to your coverage. At last, Aetna also offers a variety of other insurance plans such as life insurance, disability insurance, government and labor insurance, student insurance and international insurance.
  • Helpful Member Resources
    Aetna rises above its competitors when it comes to tools for members. Aetna does not only have representatives who are available around the clock, but Aetna members also have access to some different tools to get calculation, answers to questions, and advice about claims. One of the helpful tools offered by Aetna is Find a Doctor tool which is used online. This tool can be used by you to see whether the physician you currently see is in the network of Aetna or find a new participating provider.
  • Large Provider Network
    Aetna claims that it has one of the biggest networks of doctors and hospitals in the United States. Aetna also has some subsidiaries in the healthcare industry such as ActiveHealth Management, Coventry Health Care, Aetna Student Health, Schaller Anderson and some more.
  • Aetna Customer Service
    The representatives of Aetna are available to customers via email, phone, mail and social media. At any hour of the day, a virtual nurse is available for patients to go online and ask questions. The website of the company is also very informative and easy to navigate.

The Bad Things from Aetna Insurance

According to the Best Company, here are the bad things from Aetna Insurance.

  • Negative Customer Review
    As explained earlier, most reviews about Aetna are positive. However, Best Company also has gotten a lot of negative Aetna health insurance reviews. In the negative reviews, people say that there are issues with coverage and communication with customer service. However, in the health insurance industry, negative reviews are common so that it is harder to evaluate companies.
  • There Are Only International Individual and Family Health Plans
    People probably hope that Aetna can offer domestic individual or family health plans. Unluckily, Aetna does not offer them. However, recently, Aetna made an announcement that they have an intention to start offering plans on the Health Insurance Marketplace again for 2022.
  • State Availability
    Plans offered by Aetna are only available in particular states including Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia. The dental plans are more limited where these are available only in a few states.

Products Offered by Aetna

A wide range of individual, family, Medicare and employer health insurance products are offered by the consumers. Besides, you may be able to select to take part in an HSA or health savings plan where you are able to save money, tax-free, to apply to your insurance deductible and other health-related expenses. According to The Balance site, here are some of the benefits which are provided by Aetna health insurance plans.

  • Affordable options
    Aetna has a lot of insurance options to fit your budget. So, you are able to choose a plan based on how much money that you are able to spend monthly for office visits and other services.
  • Preventive care
    Aetna health insurance plans will can pay for preventive care including immunizations, annual doctor’s visits and so on.
  • Claims
    When an in-network health care provider is used by you, you do not have to fill out claims forms.
  • Family Plans
    In the family plans, it covers yourself, your spouse, and your kids for prescription drugs, doctor’s visits, hospitalization and preventive care.
  • HSA (Health Savings Account)
    Another benefit offered by Aetna is the ability to put money away into an HSA to help meet your insurance deductible or other health care needs.
  • Large Provider Network
    Let’s say that you travel often. If so, you do not have to be worried because the Aetna provider network is large in the U.S.

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