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MyChart is a free and secure site available to Edward-Elmhurst Health patients. For those who want to learn about DuPage Medical MyChart Edward Health, you are able to read this entire article. Here we are going to share some information related to DuPage Medical MyChart Edward Health guide.

What is Mychart and What Can You Do With Mychart?

You have to know that MyChart will give you an online access to information from your EMR (Electronic Medical Record). Also, it will enable you to securely use the internet to manage and receive information about your health.

Here are things you can do with MyChart Edward Health:

  • You are able to schedule or request physician office medical appointments.
  • You are able to communicate electronically and securely with your physician office medical care team.
  • You are able to receive physician office appointment reminders.
  • You are able to see your test results and health summary.
  • You are able to request prescription renewals.
  • You are able to access trusted health information resources.

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How Do You Sign Up?

To accept an activation code for your health record information, you will be able to request an activation code at your doctor’s office or request an activation code online. Also, you are able to get the form from their sign-up page.

To accept an activation code to see a family member’s health information, you have to complete the Proxy Form. Also, you are able to mail or fax the Sign-Up and Proxy Forms to their Health Information Management (HIM) Department by using the contact information which can be found on the forms.

Where Can You View Your After Visit Summary or Referral in MyChart?

  • After Visit Summary (AVS): You are able to view an AVS by choosing Visits from the menu. They are listed under Past Visits.
  • Referrals: Simply you are able to click on Referrals in the Insurance section of the menu to view your referrals.

What If You Have Questions About Your Test Results in Mychart?

Need to know that the test results are released to you at the same time your provider accepts them. Several test results can be hard to understand and you may see your results before your provider has an opportunity to review them with you.

Please allow your provider several days to review your results and give further recommendations. If you do not hear news from your provider in the days following your test, then you are able to contact them via secure messaging in MyChart. Warning: The test results from hospital stays or emergency room visits are visible in MyChart.

How to Know When Your Information is Updated in Mychart?

When you first log in to MyChart, you are going to give an email address to which alerts will be sent. These alerts do not contain any specific information from your MyChart account, they are going to notify you that you have updated information in MyChart to review your new test results or a new message from your doctor’s office. Just click on the link in the email, then you are able to sign in to see the updated information.

How does MyChart work if You are a patient with Edward Health and DuPage Medical Group?

Edward Health and DuPage Medical Group provide MyChart to increase the coordination of and access to care for patients. You are going to see your medical information from those physician groups if you are currently a patient. Also, you will be able to connect online with those physicians through your one MyChart account. Aside from that, you are going to have only one username and password for MyChart.

If you see a physician at one group, but not the other, then your MyChart account is going to reflect your medical information only from that provider. It will not be accessible by other physician offices. For example, if your primary care is at Edward Medical Group, and you do not see any physician at DuPage Medical Group, just EMG staff that will have access to your records.

How Do You Link My Mychart Account to an App or PHR (Personal Health Record)?

Several apps and personal health records will be able to pull in health information from your MyChart account. Your app or PHR is going to indicate if this is available. After you request the link to “Edward-Elmhurst Health MyChart” from your app, then the linked app will be listed in the View Device Connections section of the Share My Record page that can be found in the menu. You have to verify by using that link within 24 hours.

Can You View A Family Member’s Health Record in Mychart?

Yes, of course. It is called proxy access. It allows a parent to log in to their personal MyChart account and access information about their family member. Just complete a Proxy Consent Form and return it to one of our medical facilities to request access to this convenient service or choose Share My Record from the menu. From there, you are able to choose Friends and Family Access to add or modify access to your own health record.

You Forgot Your Password. What Should You Do?

For this case, you are able to reset your password. Please contact the MyChart Patient Support Line to request a new secure password. Or simply you are able to call at 630-527-5070.

Is There an iPhone or Android App for MyChart?

Yes, there is. You are able to download the MyEEHealth™ mobile application that is available at no cost. You are able to see test results, immunizations, medications, past and future appointments and more. Currently, the MyEEHealth mobile app is available on the Apple® App StoreSM and Google PlayTM

Here are steps to download MyEEHealth mobile app:

  • Firstly, access the App Store or Google Play on your mobile device.
  • After that, you are able to search for ‘MyEEHealth’.
  • Then, download the free MyEEHealth app.
  • Please log in by using your MyChart username and password.

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