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DuPage Medical Group operates as a health care provider. The Company provides medical services such as cardiology, dermatology, addiction medicine, diabetes care, family medicine, physical therapy, radiology, optometry, surgery, psychology, and laboratory solutions. Well, let us talk more about DuPage Medical Group here.

Overview – DuPage Medical Group

Now, DuPage Medical Group is Duly Health and Care. According to research, in September 2021, Duly Health and Care was launched with a goal to help you. They believe that true health is limitless. It cannot be discovered in a system where people are seen as the patients with symptoms to be treated. They understand that no one wants to be a patient, or even thought of as one of the patients.

At Duly Health and Care, they have the providers who are going to meet you on your own health journey, wherever you are. Providers who trust that health is not only the absence of sickness, but an ongoing pursuit to achieve your true potential. The providers who push the boundaries of innovation and challenge to deliver the great for you. Because at Duly Health and Care, they know that healthier makes happier.

DuPage Medical Group
Mission – DuPage Medical Group

They believe, every human can flourish. Flour­ish­ing is unique for per­son­al. They are hon­ored to empow­er your journey.

How they do it:

  • By part­ner­ing with you to assist you meet your great potential.
  • By sup­port­ing your health and care beyond the walls of their clinics.
  • By see­ing you the per­son, not you the patient.

In the Extraordinary: Good enough is not for them. They see the extra­or­di­nary in every per­son and every experience.

How they do it:

  • By giving  per­son­al­ized care built specif­i­cal­ly for you.
  • By giving care and sup­port on your own terms.
  • By bring­ing the experts who bring their best to you every day.

In health and care, every­one must have a guide to assist chart the way. They unleash the pow­er of part­ner­ship to reveal some new possibilities.

How they do it:

  • By putting you first in all they do.
  • By using inno­va­tion as a way for bet­ter care and a health­i­er and hap­pi­er you.
  • By work­ing tire­less­ly to create every inter­ac­tion personalized.

Careers – DuPage Medical Group

Employment Opportunities

Their patients come from all walks of life and so do we. Come join them.

Duly Health and Care supports each team member’s individual journey to their professional and personal peak of flourishing.

They exist to help humans flourish.

That means:

  • They work to understand what matters most to you and support your own career aspirations.
  • They recruit and retain the team members who are not just the experts, but also who have a passion and pride for assisting others live happier and healthier.
  • They invest in assisting their team members develop their talents in a way which is rich in personal meaning.

They challenge the expected to give the great in health and care

That means:

  • Good enough is not for them. Their team members show up every day driven to exceed the expectations.
  • They challenge the assumptions. Also, they invite dissent to accomplish the goals together.
  • They support the great in every person within and beyond the walls of their own work.

They pursue imaginative allyship

That means:

  • They deeply invest in personalized experiences to deliver care which is coordinated and has positive outcomes.
  • They recruit talent from outside the industry knowing that new perspectives reveal bigger possibilities.
  • Like all successful journeys, they do not go it alone. They believe in the power of a team working together to accomplish the extraordinary.

Your journey with Duly Health and Care includes leading compensation and benefits, an eternal commitment to work or life balance and innovative perks which support a healthier and happier you. Now, you are able to start. Apply to join them in a great journey.

DuPage Medical Group Employee Reviews

What are several of the best things about your own team?

  • They all want to assist the patients and we work as a team when required.
  • Our team members are supportive
  • We work as a team most times. People are mostly friendly.
  • We support one another mutually during difficult times.
  • Cooperative, united, loyal, helpful, and respectful.

What does the leadership team require to get better at?

  • Think of the welfare of their own team members.
  • Understanding the day to day flow before deciding to create changes over something they know nothing about.
  • Communication to employees all the time.
  • Leadership was able to communicate more effectively with the employees. They were able to act as a more cohesive unit and praise workers for a job well done. Also, they were able to focus on solving issues instead of adding to them.
  • Overall DuPage Medical Group lacks cohesion amongst all departments. The medical group lacks the leadership which is imperative in a Healthcare environment. The employees are overworked and left out on crucial executive decisions that leaves licensed Healthcare providers in a vulnerable state.
  • Communication is poor. Too many changes in protocol daily.

Frequently Asked Questions – Dupage Medical Group

Here are some frequently asked questions related to Dupage Medical Group:

  1. Who is the Chief Executive of Dupage Medical Group?
    The Chief Executive of Dupage Medical Group is Steve Nelson.
  2. Who is the President of Dupage Medical Group?
    The President of Dupage Medical Group is Tami Reller.
  3. How many people are employed at Dupage Medical Group?
    As far now, 2,527 people are employed at Dupage Medical Group.
  4. Where is Dupage Medical Group based?
    Dupage Medical Group is based in Downers Grove, Illinois.
  5. What is the NAICS code for Dupage Medical Group?
    The NAICS codes for Dupage Medical Group are 6221, 622
  6. What is the SIC code for Dupage Medical Group?
    The SIC codes for Dupage Medical Group are 806, 8062

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