Does Medical Coding Require Math?

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Do you want to be a medical coding clerk? If you want to be a medical coding clerk, you have to take an education related to it. There are medical coding programs that you can find in a number of institutions. But, the question is, does medical coding require math? Let’s find out whether it requires math or not.

Some Prerequisites for Medical Coding and Billing Training

If you want to have a successful medical billing and coding career, the general prerequisites include strong keyboarding skills and strong reading skills. How about math? You have to know basic math skills.

Why do we need to have reading and keyboarding skills for the medical coding and billing profession? It is because when you work as a medical coding and billing clerk, you will have to process codes clearly and effectively. So, you are required to be able to read fairly and quickly. In addition, you also need to have good retention. You will have to enter data accurately with a keyboard as well.

How about the role of math in this job? Having fairly solid math skills is needed if you want to be a medical coding and billing clerk. It is because some positions require higher-level math skills. Let’s take an example. Let’s say that you need to compute reimbursements by using relative value units (RVUs) and then applying a conversion factor. You must have math skills for doing this.

As explained on Dummies, to make you able to perform math skills that you will study in your billing and coding program, you must have a solid understanding about math basics such as subtraction, addition and multiplication. These subjects are part of the daily coding and billing world. Not only that, you also need to understand basic fractions and decimals for choosing the correct Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) codes for certain drugs or injectables.

The Use of Math in a Medical Billing Career

Medical Coding Require Math

As a medical billing and coding clerk, you have the responsibility to maintain all financial paperwork and electronic records relating to the treatments of patients. So, mastering basic math is important. However, as we know that math is broad. So, what math materials do we need to master to be a medical billing and coding clerk? Below, you can read how math is used in the medical billing and coding world according to Chron site, so that you can imagine what materials of math that you need to master.

  • Math is used to process medical bills.
    Let’s say that there is a patient and he has been treated by a doctor. So, as a medical biller, you will have to calculate the bill for services and those include any procedures which were performed by a doctor and any diagnosis during the visit. You have to make invoices for patients and insurance companies. According to Chron, Ultimate Medical Academy explains that medical billers get fee information from federally-based health programs and health insurers. It is needed to determine the charges for treatments. There are a lot of medical billing professionals who use medical software programs to calculate charges and print bills.
  • Math is used to handle insurance claims.
    As a medical biller, you have to spend a lot of time to contact insurance companies. So here, you will use your math skill to process bills. Also, you will use it for giving information to insurance companies about any pending charges for a patient’s services. You need to know the amount insurance companies will pay to cover the bills of a patient. Let’s say that the insurance claim is accepted. If so, making payment can be done to the healthcare provider. However, if the insurance company refuses to pay the bill, you have to review the claim, try to fix any disagreement based on math and then help the office and patient to get agreement.
  • Math is used to collect payments for services.
    As a medical billing and coding clerk, you have to be responsible for collecting and maintaining all payments when insurance companies and patients pay for medical services. Not only that, as a medical biller, you have to contact the insurance company or the patient about late payments. Medical billers also have a responsibility to handle the revenue for a healthcare facility. So, they have to process all payments which are received. Here, math is used to keep track of the amount of payments received and outstanding payments.
  • Math is used to resolve payment errors.
    As a medical biller, you also have a task to resolve payment errors. Let’s say that a patient sees an error about a payment. So, math will be used by the  medical billers to recalculate the charges. Then, the medical billers will have to send a new invoice to the patient or insurance company. As a medical biller, you will act as the link between patients and insurance companies where you have to answer various payment questions. You will have to give information to patients about any treatments which are not covered by their health insurers. And here, math is used to calculate charges.

Of course, math is not the only requirement that you need to meet if you want to be a medical biller and coder. According to the Bureau of  Labor Statistics as explained on Chron site is that for this position, you need to have at least a high school diploma. All billers are also required to know the various numerical medical procedure codes that insurers, both private and government, rely upon. Besides, medical billing and coding clerks also need to have the other skills which are needed in this field such as analytical, technology abilities and communications abilities.

To get these skills, you are able to take vocational schools or colleges which offer certificate programs in medical billing. There are a lot of vocational schools and colleges which offer it. By taking it, it can help you to get these important skills so that you will be able to be a skillful and reliable medical biller and coder. For your information, some colleges often require you to have knowledge of accounting and intermediate math like algebra.

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