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It is known that Aetna Medicare covers dental care insurance as part of Aetna Medicare Advantage plans. The dental insurance includes routine dental exams and cleanings every six months. Certainly, the coverage option of Aetna dental insurance will vary between policies.

If you really need dental services, you can add an optional supplement benefit that offers primary preventive dental care or comprehensive services such as dentures or orthodontics. If you have a plan to purchase Aetna Dental Insurance, you need to know which dentists nearby that will accept this insurance.

How to Find Out Which Dentists Accept Aetna Dental Insurance?

In fact, not all dentists actually accept the Aetna Dental Insurance. Aside from that, not all Aetna plans also have a dental component, but any member can add one. Some dentists will serve for routine services like checkups and cleanings or other services such as root canals and fillings.

It is highly recommended for you to start looking for the information which dentists that really accept your Aetna dental insurance. Keep in mind, Aetna dental insurance may be available in some states in the United States. So, make sure to search nearby dentists by your  location.

There are two ways that you can do to find out which dentists accept Aetna dental insurance, here are they:

Way 1: Through Aetna Medicare Website

To find a dentist that accepts Aetna dental insurance coverage, you can perform it the same way as in finding a doctor on the Aetna Medicare Network site. As long as you know the steps, finding a dentist that accepts Aetna dental insurance is pretty easy.

To find out which dentists accept Aetna dental insurance, you just visit the official site of Aetna Medicare here. Once you are at the homepage of Aetna Medicare Network, you have to click the ‘Find a doctor or prescription’ menu. After clicking the menu, there will be two options, including:

  1. Find a doctor, dentist or hospital
  2. Pharmacy  & prescription tools

As you want to find out the dentists that accept Aetna insurance, you just click the ‘Find a doctor, dentist or hospital’. You can find out which dentists that accept Aetna insurance as a guest if you do not create an account in Aetna Medicare before.

As a guest, you should choose your plan year; ‘2012 and 2022’ and make sure to make a selection of the second question that says ‘How do you get your Medicare coverage?’. Here, you will see two options: ‘Individual Medicare Plan’ and ‘Employer or Group-Sponsored Retiree Plan’.

After you choose one of the options provided, you can then enter your state’s ZIP Code and then click on the ‘Find a doctor’ button. In the following screen, you may need to choose  a medicare plan including:

  • Medicare Advantage with Prescription Drug Plan
  • Medicare Advantage Plan
  • Skip Plan Selection

There will be sub-categories in each plan above and you need to choose one of them. After choosing a plan, click the ‘Continue to find care’ option to see the network providers. For more information, each plan has a different network of providers, so it is very important for you to select an appropriate plan.

In the following page, there are a number of categories you can choose, depending on your need. The categories here include:

  • Medical Doctor & Specialist
  • Hospital & facilities
  • Urgent Care
  • Walk-In Clinics
  • Pharmacy
  • Behavioral Health
  • Dental Care
  • Vision
  • Labs & Testings
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Common Procedure & Conditions
  • Institutes of Quality/ Institutes of Excellence

Since you need the information about dentists, you need to click on the ‘Dental Care’ option and choose Dentists. In the following page, you need to enter what you want to search for near your location. Make sure to enter the dental care nearby to make sure whether the dentists actually accept the Aetna dental insurance or not.

You can also change the location if you are traveling and want to find nearby dental care that accepts Aetna dental insurance. You may need to log into Aetna with your account if you want to get the information in detail.

Way 2: Through Zocdoc Site

Zocdoc seems to make it easier for people to find dentists that accept Aetna dental insurance nearby. With Zocdoc, you will easily find dentists near you who provide Aetna insurance. So, Zocdoc is a pretty simple way you can use to find dentists nearby.

To use Zocdoc, you can just simply visit the site here. Once clicking the link, you will be taken into Zocdoc homepage where you need to fill some available information including:

  1. Condition, procedure, doctor name, etc
  2. Near me (your location)
  3. Time
  4. Insurance carrier and plan

Make sure to tell your dental conditions or enter the dental care or the dentist’s name nearby. You can also set your location to get nearby dentists. You also need to choose a certain time if you want to book dentists nearby. Last, you have to choose Aetna insurance in the ‘Insurance carrier and plan’.

After you fill out all of the forms, you can then click on the ‘Find’ button to start looking for dentists that accept Aetna dental insurance nearby. After you click the ‘Find’ button, the next page should bring you a list of dentists nearby that accept Aetna dental insurance.

Here, we take an example of looking for dentists that accept Aetna dental insurance in Maryland, United States, here’s for the results:

  1. Dr. Kourosh Karimi-Ardekani, DDS with distance of 24.2 miles located at  2440 M Street NW, Suite 709, Washington, DC 20037
  2. Dr. James Lee, DDS with distance of 9.3miles located at 3060 Mitchellville Rd, Suite 105, Bowie, MD 20716
  3. Dr. Selen Tolu, DDS, with distance of 13.7miles located at  7715 Belle Point Drive, Greenbelt, MD 20770
  4. Dr. Blessing Huesmann, DDS, with distance of 13.7miles located at 7715 Belle Point Drive, Greenbelt, MD 20770
  5. Dr. Irving Mason Jr, DMD, with distance of 22.8miles located at  9114 Philadelphia Rd, Suite 100, Rosedale, MD 21237

That’s an example of the results when you are looking for the dentists that accept Aetna dental insurance. Now, it’s your turn to start looking for nearby dentists that really accept Aetna dental insurance. Good Luck!!!

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