Conmed Hyfrecator 2000 Accessories / Parts You Should Know

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There are a number of Conmed Hyfrecator 2000 accessories/ parts that you should know. What are they? Let’s find out what accessories or parts of Conmed Hyfrecator 2000 here.

Conmed Hyfrecator 2000 Accessories/ Parts

According to the Conmed Hyfrecator Product catalog, here are the accessories of Hyfrecator.

Hyfrecator Accessories

  • Pencils/ Handpieces
    • Autoclave, reusable hand control pencil
    • Autoclave, reusable foot control pencil
  • Foot Switch
  • Patient Plate

Disposable Hyfrecator Accessories

  • Disposable Pencil Sheaths
    • Pencil Sheath – Non-sterile
      Plastic sheaths which are disposable and clear safeguard the pencil body from external contamination during procedures.
      12 boxes/case
    • Pencil Sheath – Sterile
      Disposable, clear plastic sheaths safeguard the pencil body and portion of cable from external contamination during procedures.
      25/ box
      4 boxes/ case
    • Electrosurgical tip cleaner, single-use, 6/ package, 40/case
  • Electrolase Disposable Electrodes – Sharp Tips
    • Electrolase sharp tips – non sterile
      Disposable hyfrecator tips which are ideal for pinpoint coagulation.
      12 boxes/ case
    • Electrolase Sharp Tips – Sterile
      Disposable hyfrecator tips which are ideal for pinpoint coagulation.
      50/ box
      12 boxes/ case
  • Electrolase Disposable Electrodes – Blunt Tips
    • Electrolase Blunt Tips – Non Sterile
      Disposable hyfrecator tips which is ideal for broad based coagulation
      100/ box
      12 boxes/ case
    • Electrolase Blunt Tips – Sterile
      Disposable Hyfrecator tips which are ideal for broad based coagulation.
      12 boxes/ case
      Reusable Hyfrecator Accessories
  • Reusable Hyfrecator Accessories
    • Electrode Starter Kit
    • General Purpose Electrode with Protective Insulator

Reusable Hyfrecator Accessories

  • Reusable Needle Electrodes
    • Extra Fine Needle Electrode
    • Epilation/Telangiectasias Needle
    • Needle Electrode for Pinpoint Procedures
    • Long Desiccation and Coagulation Needle
    • Long Desiccation Needle
    • Short Desiccation Needle
    • Fine Wire Needle
    • Needle Electrode

Reusable Hyfrecator Accessories

  • Reusable Ball Electrode
    • Short Ball Electrode
    • Ball Electrode
    • Angled Ball Electrode
    • Long Ball Electrode

Bipolar Accessories

  • Bipolar Forceps
    • Jeweler’s Micro Tip, Straight
    • Semkin Micro Tips, with Stops
    • Semkin Straight
    • Gerald Micro Tips
    • Hardy Micro Tips
    • Adson Smooth Tips
    • Cushing Smooth Tips
    • Cushing Smooth Tips
  • Bipolar Forceps
    • Adson Serrated Tips
    • Cushing Serrated Tips
    • Cushing Serrated Tips
  • Bipolar Cord
    • Bipolar 12ft. (3.7 cm) Cord
  • Foot Switches
    • Foot Switch

About Pencils/ Handpieces

Conmed Hyfrecator 2000 Pencils - Handpieces
You may know that the Hyfrecator system offers hand-or foot-activated operation. So, Hyfrecator 2000 comes with the reusable 7-900-5 steam autoclavable hand control pencil. The pencil owns power adjustment buttons directly on the pencil. With it, the user has the choice to fine tune the power output quickly from the field to achieve the surgical effect which is desired.

As explained on the Conmed site that all pencils are created with a non-spinning hex collar for multipositional fail-safe blade locking. And, the pencil cord is durable and pliable to reduce hand fatigue during it is used and it makes easy connection to the unit.

About Bipolar Forceps

Conmed Hyfrecator 2000 Bipolar Forceps with Cable
The Hyfrecator 2000 is a multi-function electrosurgical generator so that it has a bipolar mode which is the same to those found in much larger systems. Bipolar Forceps are created to grasp, manipulate and coagulate selected issues. The current of the electric takes turns between the two tips. So, it lowers the length of the current’s path and produces a therapeutic effect which is precise and controlled.

About Electrolase Disposable Electrodes

Conmed Hyfrecator 2000 Electrolase Disposable Electrodes
You are able to find Conmed Electrolase Disposable Hyfrecator electrodes in blunt or sharp tip configurations. Electrolase sharp tips are good for procedures which need pinpoint precision and control while blunt tips are good for general broad based coagulation.

Safe and Convenient Disposable Electrolase electrodes vanish patient-to-patient cross-contamination and the plastic safety collars simplify handling and help prevent accidental injury. For your information, as explained on the Conmed site, blunt and sharp tips are color coded for rapid identification. The color of the blunt electrodes are dark gray. Meanwhile, the color of the sharp electrodes are white.

About Pencil Sheats

The Sterile Sheath is an easy way to maintain a sterile field when utilizing the Hyfrector electrosurgical reusable pencils. The design of the sheath is fitted over Hyfrector and other handheld instruments. The extra sheath length permits the instrument to be put in the sterile field. There is also a non sterile sheath.

By using sheaths, it promotes pencil longevity, speeds changeover from patient to patient and prevents pencil exposure to contaminants.

Technologies and Features in Hyfrecator

As explained on the SpectruMed site, here are the technologies and features which come with the product.

  • Disposable Tips
    Coming with Hyfrecator 2000, there are two types of disposable tips. The first disposable tip is the sharp tip electrode. The function is to treat fine vascular lesions. This tip is utilized to stop bleeding during the treatment of delicate areas as well. Electrocoagulation is the procedure. The second disposable tip is the tip which has a blunt shape and it is more suitable for removal and treatment of benign growth. The tips which have blunt shape can also work for electrodesiccation to remove skin tissue.
  • Three Power Settings
    Hyfrecator 2000 has adjustable power settings and it is good for treating skin indications that vary in size and depth. Let’s say that the lesions are superficial and small. If so, it requires a low power setting. Let’s say that the lesions are larger and deeper. If so, it needs a high output setting.
  • Hand-Switching Pencil
    Hyfrecator 2000 comes with a hand-controlled pencil where it features power adjustment buttons. It is explained that there is no need to adjust the power on the device itself. For your information, the buttons are easy to press so that it makes treatments faster and easier. The handpiece is very easy to handle because the design is slim.
  • Sterile Treatment Environment
    If electrosurgery is done with Hyfrecator 2000, there are a lot of benefits. The device is not only simple to use, but also easy to master. This machine is suitable for hygienic treatments which is important for procedures removing skin tissues that may be able to cause viral infections. There are sterile sheaths in the product that are able to make transferring treatment from patient to patient not only faster, but also easier, and safer.

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