Best Orthopedic Surgeon Medical Billing Companies in the US

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This page will unveil about one of the best orthopedic surgeon medical billing companies in the United States called Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management or CHRM. If you are looking for the orthopedic surgeon medical billing company, this post is for you.

Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management, which is also more known as CHRM in short, is the name of the company that focuses on medical coding and medical billing services for orthopedic surgeons to maximize the revenue cycle management process. The medical coders are in charge of taking the services of the physician and then converting them into the medical codes to make it easier when submitted to the insurance companies. It has been known that every injury, diagnosis, and medical procedure has a corresponding code. It means there are thousand codes of thousand procedures, diagnoses and surgeries that serve as a universal language between two parties, doctor’s offices and the insurance companies. As of now, there are a total of two sets of coding procedure. The first one is the International Classification of Diseases or ICD codes, the ones that correspond to an injury or sickness of the patient, and Current Procedure Terminology or CPT codes, the ones that relate to what functions and services the healthcare provider performed.

Best Orthopedic Surgeon Medical Billing Companies in the US
This universal language is taken by the medical biller and is submitted as the claims to the insurance companies. For those who are not familiar with a claim, it refers to a bill for services that are given. Then, the claim is processed by the insurance company that will also determine the amount of the claim it will pay, depending on the insurance program that the patient has. After that, the claim will be returned with the portion the insurance companies are responsible for the medical biller. Next, the medical billing specialist will determine the portion that has to be paid by the patient, and will ask the patient to pay directly anything that has not been paid.

Everything above can sound so complicated for some people. It is even worse knowing it is not even surgery. It is the reason why outsourcing medical billing and medical coding is needed. As there are so many steps, the chance of getting errors is high. These errors can cause the services to be undocumented. Besides, the incorrect codes might be entered. Basically, the revenue cycle management process will be a mess, resulting a delay in payment to the orthopedic surgeon. In worse cases, it results in payment denial. From the information above, it can be concluded that a medical biller specialist has a lot of works. However, their main focus is on making sure that the healthcare provider gets the proper reimbursed they deserve.

You will need the services from a professional medical billing and medical coding company for your orthopedic surgery if you want to maximize your insurance claims and avoid your insurance to be denied. Everyone at Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management will always try their best to help you lower your overall costs throughout the revenue cycle management process that is known as hard and not easy. By using the service offered by this company, you will be guaranteed to get the best thing as they believe that the patients like you is the priority.

Talking about the medical billing for orthopedic surgeons, apparently, it is just as specialized as the surgery itself. It is such as shame that the orthopedic surgery is one of the things with the highest rates of incorrect claim submissions compared to the other things.

As stated on the official website of Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management, their medical billing and medical coding staff are the best one. Each of them has gone through the extensive initial and ongoing training as the effort to understand about the orthopedic industry deeper and to be able to bill for it accordingly. The company trained them with the purpose to minimize the chance of the insurance to be denied and to speed up the overall revenue cycle, which is good for every patient to save the orthopedic surgeon medical billing. Even if there is a denial, the specialists will make sure to try their best to expedite any appropriate appeals.

Usually, there are a few procedures applied for the orthopedic surgeries. In this case, there is a chance for the patient to not get paid enough by the insurance companies.

For more information about Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management or CHRM, the best thing that you can do is to visit its official website at If you have something to ask, you can call 512 454 1234. Please dial the number on the business days, which are Monday to Friday. On these days, it is available starting from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. If you do not want to talk directedly to the representative of the company, you might prefer to send an email to

If you do not think that Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management is the best orthopedic surgeon medical billing company for you, one of the alternates that you can consider is called Coronis Health. Coronis Health is aware that the orthopedic billing and revenue cycle is challenging. In fact, there are a lot of internal and external billing teams who face some difficulties while dealing with the billing process. With its experience, Coronis Health offers the best of the best in medical billing. For those with the practice that is having a hard time with orthopedic billing, Coronis Health is the solution. Go to the official website of Coronis Health for detail information about the thing offered by the company at In case there is anything to ask, do not hesitate to call 443 516 8725 to talk directly to its customer service. In addition, you might also want to visit some of its offices which are located in Novi, Michigan; Sykesville, Maryland; St. Louis, Missouri; Frederick, Maryland; Cottonwood Heights, Utah; Northbrook, Illinois; Chapel Hill, North Carolina; El Paso, Texas; Everett, Washington; Fenton, Missouri; Delray Beach, Florida; Mohali, India; and New Delhi, India.

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