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Just like your dental health, your vision is also an important part of your overall health. If you are interested in getting the insurance for your vision, you might want to consider a thing known as Aetna Vision Preferred. Here is the review of it.

Aetna Vision Preferred is a simple vision plan that makes taking care of your eyes easy. By having this plan, you will be able to get coverage for eye exams, eyeglass frames, eyeglass lenses, lens options and contact lenses. Not only that, you will also get fixed member pricing on premium lens options, including premium progressive lenses, anti-reflective coatings and photochromic lenses, the ones that are darkened in the sunlight and are clear indoors. It has practically no lens or frame restrictions. Basically, you have a lot to choose from without ever paying full price.

There are a total of two plans offered by Aetna Vision Preferred. The first one is High Option. This one features an increased $300 frame allowance and $0 copay for standard lenses and for standard progressive lenses in network. As for the second one, it is Standard Option, which features an increased $150 frame allowance, $150 contact allowance and $10 copay for standard lenses in network. Aside from that, these plans include no deductible and $0 eye exams; $0 copay for polycarbonate lenses and standard scratch coating; freedom to select any brand of frames as long as they are available (it is fine if it is budget or luxury or any brand of contact lenses); coverage for your favorite lenses, including Varilux Progressives, Crizal Anti-Reflective Coating, and Transitions at low out of pocket costs; lens treatment option, including blue light filter, scratch coating, and anti-reflective coating; a lot of in network vision offices and retailers, such as Pearle Vision, Target Optical, and LensCrafters; convenient online shopping options with one of a total of six in network online providers, which include,,,,, and

There are a ton of reasons to get Aetna Vision Preferred plans. Some of them include:

  • It is affordable. To get the standard option, you will only have to spend $150. IF you prefer the high option, it costs $300.
  • It is a large, nationwide network, including online ordering options.
  • It has low or no copay lens treatment options, such as blue light filtering.

Is Aetna Vision Preferred good? On a site known as ConsumerAffairs, this one receives 4.1/5 or 168 ratings. If you are curious about the thing that the customers think about Aetna Vision Preferred, here are the top ones as shown on ConsumerAffairs:

  • I went to my annual eye exam after receiving a notification from my doctor’s office it was due and later found out I was not eligible for this service through AETNA EyeMed for another 13 days. Based on my last date of service I had literally TWO days in the coverage year that I was actually covered. I appealed and was denied. I now owe in full. I paid all year, had two days to use it, and missed that by less that two weeks. I am so furious right now. I understand this was in some sort of fine print I missed, but come on! I literally paid for a whole year of insurance and did not get to use it once. This feels like robbery. CHECK YOUR FINE PRINT. There are no exceptions or consideration! – Michelle of Fairmont, WV
  • Aetna does not pay the sales tax on the covered glasses. So my $10 Lens deductible was less than the $14 in sales tax ($140 frames). I went to LensCrafters in Ft Smith Arkansas and was shocked by the tax on the full retail price for my family’s eyewear. I paid the 10% tax on the full retail price of $417 even though AETNA only paid $138 after their plan discount. Taxation should only be on the actual cost, not on phantom profit margins. First and last time I’ll be using this plan! – Dan of Danville, AR
  • The policy of what is covered, when it’s covered, and who provides what is extremely confusing. Routine checkups (2 per year) are covered for each family member but not an and all vision care specialists are included so it make it difficult to travel a great distance just to take advantage of the program. The customer service phone reps seem very well versed in the policy but it take a lot of jumping through hoops to finally get to that person and you can tell the difference between an experienced rep and one who is actually being trained with you as the training guinea pig. I think that as many providers should be explored as possible before making an insurance selection; the policies – though seemingly similar – differ so dramatically in the fine print that you may be spending a lot of your money on something you’ll never have the occasion or availability to take advantage of. – Kathy of Aston, PA
  • They only cover 120$ for contacts unless they are medically necessary. 120$ is way less than what needs to be paid for one year supply. I pay a lot of premium and get very less benefit from this insurance. Full waste of money. Go for United health care if that’s possible. – Shibaji of Fishers, IN
  • Went to make an appointment with the eye doctor I have been going to for 15 years only to find out Aetna dropped them in favor of the Lenscrafters across the street. I would never trust my eye health to a company like Lenscrafters. They are all about numbers and are not part of my community. I am unclear why an insurance provider wants its people to see one company, this is highly suspicious. I am lucky enough to afford to pay for my eye exam with my trusted doctor. But others are not and honestly they are getting horrific treatment and care at Lenscrafters. My doctor has seen my son grow up. We see each other in our community and they give back. When we have open enrollment again I will be changing insurers. – Andrea of Brentwood, CA

If you are interested in enrolling you can do it at Actually, it is not the only way as you are also able to enroll by calling 877-888-3337.  For those who have purchased Aetna Dental Direct, you have a chance to add Aetna Vision Preferred to your dental plan. It is like a package deal. While this option is available in most states, it may not be in your state, so please find the information about it first.

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