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Through Aetna Medicare Network, you can also find a bunch of pharmacies available. The pharmacies under Aetna Medicare are called network pharmacies, as they have contracted with providers to provide prescription drugs to Aetna Medicare plan members.

As a member of Aetna Medicare Network, you may want to search for the pharmacy nearby, so you will easily choose the pharmacies nearby. Then, how to get a pharmacy list in Aetna Medicare Network? Let’s find out the information about it through our post below!

How to Find Pharmacy in Aetna Medicare Network?

Finding a pharmacy in Aetna Medicare Network is pretty easy to do. What you should do is to visit the Aetna Medicare Network website that you can access here. Once you are on the homepage of Aetna Medicare Network, you will find a bunch of menus that will navigate you to a certain page.

Afterwards, you need to click on the ‘Find a doctor or prescription’ menu. After clicking the menu, there will be two options, including ‘Find a doctor, dentist or hospital’ and ‘Pharmacy & prescription tools’.

Since you want to find a pharmacy, you just simply click the ‘Pharmacy & prescription tools’. After you click the option, there will be a number of menus available including:

  • Check our drug list
  • Find a pharmacy
  • Prescription mail order
  • Filling your prescription
  • Payment assistance
  • Medication Therapy Management Programs

Make sure to click on the ‘Find a pharmacy’ option. In the next page, you may need to enter the ZIP code based on your location. By using ZIP Code, it will allow you to find a pharmacy nearby. After you enter your state’s ZIP code, you can then click the ‘Find a 2022 pharmacy in our network’ button.

After clicking the button, it should bring you a list of pharmacies on a new window, depending on your ZIP code. So, you will know the pharmacies that you can visit near your location.

Unfortunately, we cannot share with you a list of pharmacies available 2022. That’s because to see a list of pharmacies, you may need to search for the pharmacies nearby, based on your ZIP code.

How to Find a Local Pharmacy for Employer Plans?

In addition to finding a pharmacy for a member, Aetna Medicare Network also offers an option to find pharmacy for employer plans. The way to find a pharmacy for a member and for employer plans will be different.

To find a pharmacy for employer plans, you just simply visit this page. Then, there are two options that you can choose to find a pharmacy for employer plans including ‘Search by Name’ and ‘Search by Location’.

Search by Name

When you choose ‘Search by Name’ option to find a pharmacy for employer plans, you have to fill the required information, including:

  • Search for
  • Pharmacy Name
  • Search In: ZIP code and City
  • Select a plan

Search by Location

When you choose ‘Search by Location’ option to find a pharmacy for employer plans, you have to fill the required information, including:

  • Search For
  • Type
  • Select a Plan
  • Search in: ZIP code and City
  • Pharmacy Name
  • Open 24 Hours

How to Order Your Prescription Through Aetna Specialty Pharmacy?

To get started with Aetna specialty pharmacy, you can transfer your prescription by calling Aetna Customer Support at 1-866-353-1892. They commonly offer a 30-day medicine supply, so make sure to call them as quickly as possible.

For a new prescription, your doctor will send it to Aetna in one of four ways, including:

  1. Electronically: Through e-prescribe
  2. Fax: 1-800-323-2445
  3. Phone: 1-800-237-2767

If you mail in your own prescription, you have to send it with a completed Patient Profile Form that can be found on your member ID card to look for the ‘Patient Profile Form’. You can also submit your order using one of those options including:

  • Online: To submit your order online, you have to visit your secure member website and log into your account. At Aetna website, you will be able to add or remove your prescription.
  • Phone: You can call Aetna 24/7 at 1-888-792-3862. You can also call 1-877-833-2779 if you need the help of a telephone device for the hard of hearing.
  • Mail: After you get a new prescription from your doctor, you can mail it to use with a completed order form. The form can be obtained on your secure member website and the mailing address is available on the form.

Afterwards, your doctor will then submit your order using one of the following options:

Online: Your doctor will submit your prescriptions using the e-prescribe services on Aetna’s provider website.

Fax: Your doctor will fax your prescription to 1-877-270-3317. You have to ensure that they will include your member ID number, mailing address on the fax cover sheet and date of birth. You should know that only a doctor probably fax a prescription.

More About Aetna’s CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy

By choosing Aetna’s CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy, you will be able to have maintenance drugs that are sent right to your home or anywhere else you choose. If you use mail-order delivery, it will help you save your time and money a lot.

With the CVS’s mail service, your drug will be securely packed. Then, it will be mailed as quickly as possible to you. In this process, the registered pharmacist will check all orders for accuracy. You can also call them anytime if you have an emergency.

You can also call them at the number on your ID card to refill your mail-order prescriptions. The best time to call them is between 7 to 14 days, so it will ensure they ship your next order in time. If you do not receive your prescription within this time frame, you can also call them at the number on your ID card.

Additionally, you may have the option to register for automated mail-order delivery. If you receive Extra Help, you do not need to fill your prescriptions at preferred network pharmacies to get Low Income Subsidy copays.

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