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For those who want to get information about remote medical coding jobs that will train, you are able to read this entire article. Here we are going to share information about that, so ensure you read the text until finish.

Remote Medical Coding Jobs – Train Online to Work at Home

Medical coding specialists often work online from home as remote medical coding professionals. It has been that way for years. In the past, there were hospitals that wanted the medical coding specialist to work at the hospital for several months up to some years before they were able to work from home. Now, that is changing, it will depend on the quality of your medical coding education.

We get information that there are many new graduates working at home as their first medical coding job, with no experience. At first we thought it was because they had CPC and CCS credentials. Apparently, the employers are testing medical coding applicants and allowing them to work at home based on the results of their coding tests. The key is to get a solid medical coding education so you are able to pass medical coding certification exams and employer coding tests.

Most medical coding courses do not teach to that level. They are not designed to do that. It is not their purpose. Most are intended to introduce Medical Coding rather than a course which teaches coding at the professional level. That is why frequently the graduates of those coding courses are unable to discover jobs.

How Much Does A Remote Medical Coding Specialist Make?

Remote Medical Coding Jobs That Will Train
The average annual pay for a remote Medical Coding jobs in US is $51,067 a year. For those who need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be aapproximately $24.55 an hour. The official site of ZipRecruiter views annual salaries as high as $110,000, and as low as $16,500. Now, the majority of a remote medical coding job salaries range between $28,000 up to $66,000 with the top earners making $94,000 annually across the United States. The average pay range for a remote Medical Coding job varies (by as much as $38,000). Probably, there are many opportunities for advancement and increased pay based on the skill level, years of experience and location.

The Highest Paying Cities for A Remote Medical Coding Jobs

Here are the highest paying cities for a remote medical coding jobs:

  • New York City: Annual Salary $60,640, Hourly Wage $29.15
  • San Mateo: Annual Salary $59,423, Hourly Wage $28.57
  • Juneau: Annual Salary $57,807, Hourly Wage $27.79
  • Boston: Annual Salary $57,768, Hourly Wage $27.77
  • Berkeley:  Annual Salary $57, Hourly Wage 157 $27.48
  • Santa Monica: Annual Salary $57,076, Hourly Wage $27.44
  • Daly City: Annual Salary $56,995, Hourly Wage $27.40
  • Quincy: Annual Salary $56,930, Hourly Wage $27.37
  • Renton: Annual Salary $56,831, Hourly Wage $27.32
  • Minneapolis: Annual Salary $56,075, Hourly Wage $26.96

Top 5 Best Paying Related Remote Medical Coding Jobs in the United States

  • Remote Emergency Room Coder: Annual Salary $85,931. The hourly wage $41.31
  • Manager Inpatient Coder: Annual Salary $78,278. The hourly wage $37.63
  • Regional Medical Coder: Annual Salary $77,224. The hourly wage $37.13
  • Software Coder: Annual Salary $77,128. The hourly wage $37.08
  • Anesthesia Coder: Annual Salary $77,008. The hourly wage $37.02

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Companies Offering Remote Medical Coding Jobs

Here is a list of companies offering remote Medical Coding jobs:

  1. AdventHealth

AdventHealth is a healthcare company affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This company dedicates itself to increasing healthcare and science wide through research, education, and technology.

Here are recent remote medical coding jobs:

  • Coding Supervisor
  • Denials Management Coding Specialist
  • Coder III
  1. Intellis

Intellis will help the hospitals, outpatient providers, and physicians navigate the business of healthcare while they are remaining compliant with ever-changing rules and systems.

Here are recent remote medical coding jobs:

  • Inpatient Coder
  • Senior-Level Inpatient Coding Auditor
  • Medical Coding Integrity Specialist, Outpatient
  1. Aviacode

Aviacode is a nationwide provider of medical coding and audit services for healthcare facilities, surgical centers and physician groups.

Here are recent remote medical coding jobs:

  • Facility Outpatient Coder
  • Inpatient Facility Coder
  • Ortho-Podiatry Surgery Coder
  1. CHRISTUS Health

This health system serves Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mexico. It consists of over 40 hospitals, facilities and clinics.

Here are recent remote medical coding jobs:

  • Coding Integrity Specialist
  • HIM Coder
  • Specialty Coder
  1. Ciox Health

Ciox Health works to make a streamlined, effective method to manage and move health information across health system networks, from the release of information up to health information management and record retrieval.

Here are recent remote medical coding jobs:

  • Coding Consultant Outpatient
  • Provider Practice Coding Consultant
  1. Ensemble Health Partners

This is a hospital and healthcare company which helps the hospitals reach their financial and operational goals so the clients are able to better focus on their communities, patients and families.

Here are recent remote medical coding jobs:

  • Inpatient Coder
  • Coding Manager
  • Coding Educator
  1. Franciscan Health

Franciscan Health is one of the largest healthcare systems. It offers a range of inpatient and outpatient care services in state-of-the-art facilities, including lab work, physician visits, imaging, and surgery.

Here are recent remote medical coding jobs:

  • Coder
  • Ambulatory Coder
  • Coding Educator
  1. Ajilon

Ajilon is a recruitment firm that specializes in placing marketing, management, administration, customer service, human resources, supply chain, logistics, non-clinical healthcare, and operations professionals in careers.

Here are recent remote medical coding jobs:

  • Certified Medical Coder
  • Medical Coder ICD 10
  1. Humana

It is a healthcare company which offers a variety of health and insurance services designed to offer an integrated approach to lifelong well-being.

Here are recent remote medical coding jobs:

  • Medical Coding Auditor
  • Compliance Lead
  • Coding Educator
  1. Health Information Alliance

The company provides coding support to hospitals in the United States.

Here are recent remote medical coding jobs:

  • Inpatient Coding Specialist
  • Provider Coding Specialist
  • Outpatient Coding Specialist

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