10 Tips to Get Your First Medical Billing and Coding Job

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Even though a medical billing and coding specialist is currently in high demand, but getting your first job after completion of the training is not as easy as you may think. Today, it cannot be denied that, with high demand, there are also quite a number of graduates from medical billing and coding programs, so you will compete with them when applying for jobs.

No worries! There are a bunch of smart tips and tricks that you can do to easily get your first job on medical billing and coding. What are the tips and tricks? Let’s see our post below to learn some tips and tricks to get your first medical billing and coding job!

10 Tips to Get Your First Medical Billing and Coding Job

  1. Create Your Online Profile Professional

Today, a lot of healthcare companies will open job vacancies via online. Of course, you will need to set up your profile in some media social platforms and websites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Flexjobs, Getwork and many more.

If the company hires the employee via online, it would be better for you to set your profile professionally, starting from your personal information, description, your work and education experience and even your photo.

Your photo should be displayed professionally, as most companies will see your photo first. To get your best photo, you may need to hire a professional photographer. However, make sure your photos actually reflect your professional self in all social media.

  1. Join a Professional Association

After completing a medical billing and coding training program, you may need to join a professional association that will help you find your first job of being a medical biller and coder. In fact, most companies will prefer a certified candidate to an uncertified candidate.

By joining a professional association, you will get some additional benefits such as Continuing education opportunities, networking events, job opportunities, specialty certifications, career training resources and update career news and industry changes.

The two main professional associations that you can join are The American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC) and American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

  1. Gain Certified as a CPC/ CPC-A

To have a certified professional career, you may need to prepare yourself apart from your competition and increase your job prospect. Certification as a CPC will actually help your expertise in medical billing and coding payments, claims, insurance and also patient billing communication.

  1. Work with a Temporary Agency

It is known that employment agencies actually win for both the employer and employee. Moreover, the employer will be able to hire needed staff quickly without going through the interview process to take some potential candidates and also to advertise the position through the effort.

So, if you are looking for your first job in medical billing and coding, a temporary agency is a great choice that can help you gain precious work experience quickly to begin making money.

  1. Pick Out an Office or Front Desk Position

It is such a great way to work as an office or receptionist in healthcare companies if you want to get precious experience working in this field. We guarantee that you will be the first in line to know when a medical biller and coder becomes available when you work as an office or receptionist.

If a medical billing and coding specialist is available, you can then form a relationship with HRD to apply for this job, making getting an interview a whole lot easier.

  1. Shadowing a Job

What does it mean? To get your first medical billing and coding job, you may need to take a job shadow. Sometimes, if you shadow your family and friends in the medical billing and coding industry, it will help you forward to get a new job.

Aside from that, this way will also help you learn more about a position that you may be interested in. However, it can be a less stressful way to learn the business, as you may already know the person you are shadowing.

For more information, job shadowing is a chance to allow a healthcare company to know that you are a proper person to make a great addition to their team. So, you can then bring your resume and give it to HRD.

  1. Get Experience with an Internship

Gaining your hand-on work experience in the exact setting can be done through an internship. You should know that some internships are paid, but most are not. If paid, they are commonly much less than what you will make as a working member of the organization.

However, if you take an internship, you will get some benefits including on-the-job networking, gaining precious work experience which you can add to your resume, put your education into action  and also potentially transition into a new job as your internship expires.

  1. Work as Medical Record Clerk

As you know, the medical records clerks will manage patient files in a healthcare facility. So, if you work as a medical record clerk, it will help you to gain work-experience within some of the exact healthcare companies where it also hires the medical billing and coding specialist.

  1. Make the Right Connect

If you develop relationships with local employment agencies, it will help you to polish your resume and prepare you for an interview. So, if you get an interview, you need to prepare for it as well as possible.

In the case of interviewing, you may need to have a few questions. Generally, the candidates who have asked the questions will not get a call back. You may also need to ask the interviewer what the next steps are, before you leave.

  1. Be a Volunteer

Volunteering is such a great way to do it when you start getting a new job. It will help you in one of two ways. First, this way will assist you fill in your resume gaps that are totally beneficial. Second, it often puts you in direct contact with HRD if you can volunteer in a healthcare company that you are interested in working at.

Okay, those are 10 tips and tricks that you have to do if you want to get your first job in medical billing and coding easily.

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